Why Are Your Windows Moldy?


Moldy windows not only look gross, but they can damage your home quickly if not addressed. Mold can also be damaging to your health and cause ongoing problems. There are a couple different reasons mold can be growing on your windows. Here are some causes and ways you can prevent it. Humidity The first reason mold can form on the windows has to do with the sill. In the window sill, dust mixes with the moisture found in the wood or aluminum there and feeds mold.

4 May 2016

Three Questions To Ask When Hiring A Gutter-Cleaning Service


Ensuring that your home's gutters are clean is integral to the health of your roof. When your gutters are left unattended, they'll get blocked with debris from trees and prevent rainwater from flowing along the length of the gutters and to the downspouts. When this water is allowed to accumulate, it can begin to seep under your roofing shingles and cause the wood below to rot. You can avoid this major headache by ensuring that your gutters are cleaned about twice per year.

4 February 2016

Prepare Your Kitchen For Holiday Cooking


Does your kitchen resemble a war zone when you're finished cooking your family's holiday feast? With a little preparation, cooking for the holiday hordes doesn't need to be stressful. Get your kitchen in tip-top shape for a smooth-running and happy holiday season with these simple tips. Prep Your Oven For Showtime You don't want a to deal with oven malfunctions when you're trying to cook a large meal. Fortunately, it isn't difficult to make sure that your oven is in proper working order.

6 December 2015

A Homeowner's Guide To Keeping Asbestos At Bay


Asbestos can be debilitating and even fatal if it is allowed to develop in your home. For this reason, you need to be vigilant about getting rid of it and dealing with it if you believe that you have a problem. Giving this issue the proper attention that it deserves will allow you to protect your property and to keep your health and the health of your entire household intact. For a few tips on dealing with asbestos, read on.

27 July 2015

Six Things People Do That Are Ruining Their Windshields


It seems as if windshield cracks are simply unavoidable. However, there are things that car owners do without even thinking that exacerbate these little cracks and end up destroying windshields beyond repair. Read this article to find out the things that people frequently do that destroy a car's windshield.  1. Quick fix defrosting: Pouring a bucket of hot water on a freezing windshield may sound like a good idea, and sure, it certainly does succeed in quickly ridding a windshield of ice.

22 May 2015

Simple Steps To Prevent Black Mold


Discovering that you have stachybotrys—commonly referred to as black mold—in your home can be very frightening.  Black mold can be extremely hazardous to your health.   Long-term exposure to black mold can lead to multiple respiratory issues (difficulty breathing, wheezing, bleeding from the lungs), neurological disorders (headaches, confusion, memory loss), sinusitis, and a host of other serious ailments. Moist areas are a breeding ground for mold, so if the mold is not properly removed the first time, it can become a recurring nightmare.

7 April 2015